61 Ivanhoe Road, Buffalo NY

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Address: 61 Ivanhoe Road, Cheetowaga, Buffalo, NY
Property type: Single Family Home
Sale Price: $34,100
Gross Monthly Rent: $700
Gross Yield: 25%

This 4 bedroom detatched single family home, in a pleasant street of mainly owner occupiers, will be sold fully renovated and tenanted. It’s in a fairly desirable area, hence the higher ‘city assessed value’ of $46,000.

Monthly Costs $233

IRR in first year assuming no capital growth – Net Income / Cost = 18%
IRR after 5 years assuming no capital growth – Net Income/Cost = 89%

Tel: +44 20 7193 2079
E-mail: info at abbotsinchcapital.co.uk

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