Our focus is on cash flow rather than speculative real estate allowing you as the investor to generate a secure income flow with a small investment. With 15 years experience in all aspects of real estate and investments, Abbotsinch Capital provides personal tailored advice and hand holding all the way through your investment process, from product and property selection, through legals, tax, letting, management, and renovation as well as help with exit as and when required.

New Book!

Abbotsinch Capital founder Alan Findlay has written a new e-book on real estate investment.

Property for Sale

List of available property for sale in Buffalo and Niagara Falls area in New York, US.

Investment Location

Find out why we have identified Buffalo and Niagara Falls area in the state of New York as our favoured investment location.

Property management

Cawdor property management

Investor Insight

How will Trump’s Presidency Affect the Real Estate Market?

It’s the question everyone has been asking me this week, so I decided to take a stab at an answer. Trump ...
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What Options Do UK Buy to Let Investors Have?

The UK government has, for reasons unknown, been using UK buy to let investors as whipping boys for years now, ...
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New York Daily News plugs Buffalo’s gentrifying West-Side

The New York Daily News, one of the US largest circulation tabloids, has finally discovered the newly emerging Buffalo and ...
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Cawdor Property Management

As the longer time readers and friends will know, I’m now a US resident and living in Buffalo full time ...
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Bank Lending, Yields and Real Values

Every now and then it’s useful to take a step back from the daily grind of finding good investments and ...
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2nd Tier Cities Attracting Techie Value Hunters

  I’ve been noticing a long-term trend of couples waiting a longer time before buying their own homes. This is having a ...
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